I can’t take a day off. I don’t get it. Why sit down in some place devoid of activity and purposeful attainment when I could be achieving, supporting, producing, and generally propping up the rickety structure that is my life? Or why take a day off when all the chores need to be done?\n\nI can’t take a day off, which is why I observe the Sabbath.\n\nOne day a week not spent chasing the things that so easily become temptations –  ambitions, avarice and appetites.\n\nIt’s a religious observance but not out of a sense of religious perfectionism, but out of a sense of grateful thankfulness that everything I am responsible for is not ultimately dependent on me.\n\nIt’s difficult to change the rhythm of life, and this has not been easy, but the introduction of a Sabbath has been the most significant change in my lifestyle in recent months.\n\nTry it: it is to be highly recommended.

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