Pro Bono (II) – Excuse

More on Pro Bono working from Howard Marshall’s great book Triggers way (Part 1 at Pro Bono I):\r\n\r\n

“When we find ourselves in a position where we have an excuse to do less than our best, how many of us grab the pro bono excuse as a lifeline?

“By pro bono, I don’t just mean that we’re not getting paid for our expertise (like high powered lawyers representing nonprofit organisations for free) but rather any voluntary activity that’s a persona choice – whether it’s coaching out kid’s soccer team or washing dishes at a soup kitchen or mentoring at-risk teens at the local high school or agreeing to give a speech.

“We create causal equivalences between volunteering and our level of commitment. We think that because we raised out hand to HELP OUT we can raise our hand to OPT OUT at the inconvenient moments. This is how our fine and noble intentions degrade into good enough outcomes. This is how our integrity gets compromised. “

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