Pro Bono (III) – Integrity

Final comment on Pro Bono from Triggers by Howard Marshall’s (Pro Bono I – Commitment, Pro Bone II – Excuse):

When we find ourselves in a position where we have an excuse to do less than our best, how many of us grab the pro bono excuse as a lifeline?

Integrity is an all-or-nothing (like being half pregnant, there’s no such thing as semi-integrity). We need to display it whatever obligations we’ve made.

We don’t need integrity to live up to our smart commitments – the ones where there is an obvious payoff for showing up and doing our best.

The true test is delivering top-shelf performance with our stupid commitments 0 the kind we didn’t want to do in the first place and got talked into.

We know this is the right think to do, but caught up in a challenging environment – we’re tired or overextended, we have better options, it costs more than we thought, the White House is calling with a more glamorous offer -0 we think more about our situation than the people counting on us 

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