Parables of Leadership: Performing Sally

Sally loved performing and felt she was most fully on task when standing in front of a group of trainees (who all seemed to be getting younger!).\n\nThese opportunities to perform were coming less often, which was such a shame in Sally’s view because she had all these teaching materials photocopied from the Leadership Training book she had written in the 80s.\n\nStill, “hope springs eternal” she thought as she switched on her computer for her weekly check of emails.

It’ll never happen …

It turns out that even being a glass-half-full person doesn’t stop me saying without prompting …. ‘It’ll never happen …’ when the following are suggested :\n\nwe’re going to get rid of the pews …\n\nwe’re going to upgrade the PA system …\n\nwe’re going to refurbish the minor hall …\n\nwe’re going to do a church plant in ….\n\nwe’re going to get everyone behind a mission …\n\nThe ingredients needed for these sort of changes are so significant and so self evident that if they are missing then long reflection on the matter isn’t required.\n\nIt’ll never happen …\n\n… and there are better conversations to have.


78% of clergy are Introvert. That is, they are only happy in groups of no more than 30 – 50 people. Which is no doubt why the average size of an Anglican church is 54* That should make us think, don’t you think? The average age of the Anglican parishioner is 68. But that’s a different problem. * from the English Church Census, Evangelical Alliance

Parables of Leadership: Visionary Jane

Jane was all about ideas. The team around her marvelled at how many ideas she could have between one week’s meeting and the next. “I want what she’s having!” Jane was always out in front of the team – in vision, in effort, in energy, in inspiration (after all, a rolling stone gathers no moss). The team admired Jane. They only talked behind her back because she was so far ahead of them that she couldn’t hear them.


I think I love Pinterest, but I’ve noticed a few new pin boards dedicated to what a seductive time waster it is. And it certainly is. Both seductive and time wasting. For no particular reason I find myself typing ‘P’ in my search bar and the Pinterest page automatically opens up and I start scrolling … and scrolling … and scrolling … back to top … refresh … scrolling … scrolling … you get the picture … pun intended. After about 200-300 images have flashed past, I start to realise that I’m looking at hairstyles and nail decoration and skirts and wedding gowns and origami poppies and puppies and I scream out (inside, not out loud) …’WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN? IF YOU ARE A MAN!!’ So now I’m blogging. I’ve decided that it’s my default addiction alternative. Tempted by Pinterest? Write a blog. That’s the plan.

Parables of Leadership – Choreography

Samantha was agent for John … on commission … and John was ready to sell. Jim arrived early to buy but Samantha was late to the meeting … to control … Which left John on his own with Jim. Jim got a great deal. John wasn’t over the moon, but it was done. Samantha lost her commission. Decisions are made by those who turn up. On time.


“There is something quite definite I have to say, and I have it so much upon my conscience that (as I feel it) I dare not die without having uttered it. For the instant I die and thus leave this world (so I understand it) I shall in the very same second be infinitely far away, in a different place where still within the same second the question will be put to me: ‘Hast Thou uttered the definite message quite definitely?’ And if I have not done so, what then?”

Journals (ed Dru), p493